Guide to Sahuarita

    The town is a namesake of the Saguaro cactus which populates the region; the name roughly translates to ‘the little saguaro’.  If you are in the area you’ll be sure to see swaths of the cacti in your field vision. The town was incorporated in 1994 and is the fifth youngest town in the State. Sahuarita, is a comfortable place to live with your family, it offers 92 acres of public and private parks and recreation facilities, with approximately 125 acres more parkland proposed. The town is located 15 miles south of Tucson and a population of 25,259 from the 2010 census. The land is blessed with a rich cultural history and legacy established by the ancestors of Native American groups. Excluding the Native American groups on the reserve, the population is predominately Caucasian, approximately 80%. The Hispanic community takes up 14%, whilst the rest of the community is a mix from Afro-American to Asian.

    The area has many employment opportunities in construction, medicine, education, management and automotive. Companies like Raytheon, Asarco and the University of Arizona are all active in the area and looking for employees.

    Sahuarita Mining Tour

    Law Enforcement is also looking for people to help with the upkeep of the law and order in and around town. Crime rates in the area are very low comparing nationally and also whilst comparing to Tucson. The town certainly is great place to settle from the big noisy city life and it offers a deeply involved community for your family.

    There are four main neighborhoods, namely: Rancho Sahuarita, Qual Creek, Madera Highlands and La Jolla. The town is usually very lively with events happening throughout the year, such as Canoe Days and Live music at the Lake.

    The town has wonderful recreational parks such as Anamax, North Santa Cruz, Parque Los Arroyos, Quail Creek and Anza Trail Park all of which have great amenities. These include well-lit batting cages, mile-long walking pathways, reservable ramadas, restrooms, shaded playgrounds, and a few hiking trails. Sahuarita is known for their amazing parks and recreation and tourism attractions; it is a never-ending home to be explored. Other recreational facilities include the Diamond Casino, Sahuarita lake, the former Sahuarita Airstrip, Titan Missile Museum, and the Mission San Xavier Bac. The casino holds many events that go until the late hours of the morning, which would keep any adult with time to kill entertained.


    Sahuarita at night

    For those who are of an aquatic persuasion and happen to own a small boat there is Sahuarita Lake. The lake is an all access to the public to spend their day fishing and boating. The Sahuarita Airstrip is a great place to visit for enthusiasts of war history, as it was used during the Cold War and World War II. San Xavier Mission Bac is the oldest intact European Catholic church started by Father Eusebio Kino in 1783. Many of the original artifacts and paintings are still found hanging in the church.

    The area has 9 schools serving around 6,000 students from kindergarten through to high school. Educators work hard to give the best support to the children and give back to the community, as much as the community works to enforce a success for future generations. There are 9 public schools in the area, all PK-12 with great testing results.

    The housing market has also been on the rise with average prices increasing by 7.3% in the last year. The prediction is that the prices will continue to increase in the coming year, with the inventory falling short of the buyer demand. In conclusion, Sahuarita is a wonderful place to live and looks to provide a great investment opportunity.